Thinking of what to wear on a safari to Africa, Safari Clothing provides you with the best advise on what to put on, the khaki wear, womens clothes, Men’s shirts, safari hats, clothing for kids and so much more. Our comprehensive list includes the ultimate packing list of your equipment. With various safari types such as trekking Kilimanjaro, or a walking safari in Ngorongoro, or may be a gorilla trek in Bwindi, we advise you on the right clothing. Our advise in good for tourists planning to visit Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Egypt and other tourist countries in Africa

Actually when you are planning a safari holiday, there are so many things that you ought to consider and among these include the time of the year, kind of safari and the destination you are going to. People usually don’t take this matter serious and they end up messing their own safaris. Travelers must take note of the key principles that will help them prepare for their tours before traveling to any destination.

Best Colors to Wear on Safari

As you prepare for your safari, take note of what colors to wear for your safari. The best way to enjoy your safari is to pack neutral clothes that will make you spot easily the wildlife since it will be simple to blend well with the surroundings. The disadvantage with bright colors is that it draws away animals thus you may miss seeing them and yet you have paid a lot of money for your safari. Colors ideal for a safari include khaki, olive, brown, beige as well as green. Such colors are found in various shops and all you have to do is to prepare in advance and have high quality clothes that will make your safari comfortable and memorable. When you are visiting Africa, Camouflage clothes must be avoided. Such clothes are worn by military people and if they found you wearing it, you may be arrested. These clothes are not appropriate for a safari.

Safari Clothing Fabric
The fundamental clothing fabric for safaris is normally breathable and lightweight. Avoid materials that make noise when walking rather buy cotton fabric that is easy to pack and wear on a safari. Since Africa’s weather is hard to predict, you are recommended to carry clothes that have many layers to enable you remove or add at anytime. Early mornings are so chilly and as the day goes by, it becomes hot and you feel like going for a bath. But all this is adventure and it will show you how Africa is different from other continents.

Necessary Safari Clothing Items:

Laundry services are available in many lodges and camps you will visit in Africa; therefore you can pack fewer clothes. Long and short sleeved shirts are a must, the long sleeved shirts or trousers will protect you from the scorching sun and from the insect bites. Collar shirts with side pockets are so important for a safari, the collar can protect your neck from the sun and the pockets can carry some small items.

Majority of African safaris have game drives which is the best way to see lots of wildlife. The best time to see wildlife is early in the morning or late in the evening and during this time, it’s chilly and it will necessitate you to carry a safari jacket or sweater. If you forgot any of these, you may ruin your safari therefore endeavor to have it with you.

Safari Footwear

Before you think of the best safari footwear to take for a safari, you know the destination you are visiting and the kind of safari you are going on. If you are taking a gorilla safari to Uganda, you will need sturdy walking shoes because you will have to walk through the dense and uneven rainforest. Hiking boots should be an addition because you may go for nature walk, these help to protect you from insects, snakes and the thorny bush. For game drive, you will need simple shoes because you are going to be in the vehicle all time and so you need something comfortable.

Safari Hats
You are kindly recommended to carry a safari hat, Africa’s weather is unpredictable and so it can tend to be too hot or cold. A safari hat will protect you from the scorching sun giving you a chance to spot the wildlife clearly. Get a hat that has a wider brim for better protection.

Safari Sunglasses
Safari Sunglasses are a must as you organize for you safari, African sun is sometimes unbearable therefore you need to carry sunglasses. These will protect you from the sun and dusty and still get a clear view of the wildlife.

Evening Wear for Safaris

As you plan for a safari, it’s important to pack some evening clothes and remember your formal clothes will not be needed. After your activities, you will take a shower and put on some casual clothes that are appropriate for the kind of lodge where you will be staying. You won’t be happy if you recycled clothes because Africa is dusty and that means your clothes will be dirty. Some pair of jeans, dresses, trousers, long sleeved shirts and a jacket may be good for such evenings. It’s quite chilly and so you must keep warm to enjoy looking at the stars and moon in Africa.


Travelers often forget to pack their swimsuits and when they get to their lodge, they feel like relaxing in the water. Make sure you have it packed because after a hard day of activities, you may need to unwind. It’s the best way to think about what you have been able to see and do. As you relax, you will appreciate the true beauty of whichever destination you would have visited in Uganda.